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Sheila Weller

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Comedy of Errors Everything went wrong at once for Annabelle Gurwitch. An interview with the writer and actress is a lesson in meeting hardship with humor

March 3, 2021

Fearless Leader After fighting to hold her employer accountable for a Kenyan town’s lead poisoning, Phyllis Omido is being called East Africa’s Erin Brockovich

There’s the Rub A massage therapist on Epstein’s Little St. James Island says Ghislaine Maxwell was the ultimate anti-victim

1963 All Over Again Courtney and Corrie Cockrell, grandnieces of the assassinated civil-rights hero Medgar Evers, consider his legacy through the lens of George Floyd

Why Is No One Talking About Polio? The disease infected thousands when it tore through the U.S. Sixty-five years later, we’re back to where we were pre-vaccine

Before #MeToo, There Was Natalie Wood Pimped by her mother to Frank Sinatra at 15, raped at 16: harrowing new insights into the star’s life and death

Two-Track Mind In the lifetime Carrie Fisher spent in the public eye, she became known for her fierce wit and unsentimentality. Three years on from her death, her biographer unveils her vulnerable, virtuous side