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Be My Guest!

The secret to a perfect party? Leaving out the plus-ones

The Seduction of Solitude

Why the idea of divorce is so tantalizing

Could I Survive as a Tradwife?

My husband and I were both shocked—for different reasons


When one woman suffered from panic attacks on each first date, her therapist suggested a technique commonly used for veterans with PTSD

Bodice Rippers

What are young women gabbing about all over TikTok? Romance novels, hard-core erotica, and everything in between

Your Cheating Heart

A controversial relationship guru is not only endorsing infidelity—he’s teaching it in seven easy steps. There’s just one rule: Don’t get caught

Face, Tuned

The secret to success with dating apps? Rethink the photos

Galentine’s Day and Other Increasingly Niche Valentine’s Day Variants

Lessons in Ecstasy

Could a personal trainer turned “orgasm coach” heal your bedroom woes? Fasten your seat belts!

Kiss or Break Up

What do you do when the little annoyances of companionship become absolutely unbearable?

Adults Only

You can keep your baby bump, your breast pump, and your spit-up embroidered clothes. For some, the child-free life is filled with pleasure

Love’s Labors, Lost

Dating apps leave a lot to be desired. But is there a better way?

Till Friends Do Us Part

My husband and I share absolutely everything—except a social life

Life After Sex Work

Living as a dominatrix was complicated. But re-entering the “normal” workforce was even more challenging

Sleeping with the Enemy

(of Sex)

Unlocking Desire

Intimacy expert Esther Perel’s radical ideas about love, infidelity, and marriage have made her America’s favorite psychotherapist

Seriously? OnlyFans?

One very happy customer makes his case

Send Nudes

One woman finds an enthusiastic audience for her sexy photos

Let’s Talk About Sexts

Sexting may be our lingua franca, but we could still be more fluent. One woman bones up with an expert

That’s Hot?

New laser treatments aimed at the nether regions make all sorts of promises. But not all patients achieve a happy ending

Happy Threesome to You

Would you prefer an orgasm or a gift card?

Sober Sex

Abstinence makes life better—in all ways but one

Stick It to Me

When did lipstick become so sexual? Just put your lips together and blow

Naughty by Nurture

Can a two-hour MasterClass really reveal the secrets to the universe? Our fearless writer gets schooled