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Good News for Kids! A 10-year-old owner of rare-breed British pigs practices sustainable farming; an Indian elephant gets her hair done; and a new study finds that cuddling goes back millions of years

November 4, 2020

Good News for Kids! A six-year-old member of the French Resistance, killed during W.W. II, is honored for his service; a sprightly pair of mandarin ducks; and a British Rubik’s Cube master wins the World Cup

November 12, 2020

Good News for Kids! Invented by a teenage Brit out of wood scraps, Jenga is inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame; a squirrel goes on a test drive; and a young jigsaw star shares his best tips

November 19, 2020

Good News for Kids! A friendly black Lab becomes Scotland Yard’s first well-being dog; an elephant seal takes a breather; and the mysterious “Zen stones” of Siberia’s Lake Baikal reappear

December 3, 2020

Good News for Kids! Children adapt their games for a coronavirus world; Pecorino the dog savors his morning cappuccino; and the story of a Jewish boy’s escape from the Holocaust

December 10, 2020

Good News for Kids! Peek inside J. R. R. Tolkien’s Christmas letters to his children, signed by Santa, elves, or a polar bear; and sample a sweet holiday mystery from Amy Ephron

December 17, 2020