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Pico Iyer

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A Home Called Raffles

One hotel for the ages

The Calm Before the Storm

A letter from Hong Kong

Dead Prime Ministers Society

A rare look inside Eton, Britain’s most respected (and reviled) boarding school

How to Be Cool and Warm at Once

The irreplaceable publisher Sonny Mehta, who died on December 30, possessed the rare ability to unite style and sincerity

The Playboy Philosopher

A Scientist of Sorrow

The Magic of Jan Morris

Will we ever have another like the Welsh writer extraordinaire who managed to write as beautifully on Che Guevara as she did on the virtues of sneezing?

Sane, Economy-Class Asian-Americans

Kuwait from on High

A Journal of the Plague Year

A Man of Parts

John le CarrĂ© was always obsessed with controlling his narrative. Following the publication of a tell-all by one of his mistresses, the spy novelist is once again seeking to set the record straight—this time, from the grave

Telluride Film Festival

Ticket to Telluride

America’s most highbrow—and low-key—film festival turns 50

A Cry from the Submerged Life