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A Day in the Metaverse Life No commuting, no garbage, no awkward run-ins … Welcome to the other side

But First, for Your Consideration Forget billboards! In L.A., Oscar-mania has production studios advertising their films on everything, even the coffee-cup sleeves at a local hot spot

Fairest of Them All It’s time to call a moratorium on coyness. Shout it, ladies … You’re hot!

Who’s That Girl? After a short-lived romance, Kanye West immediately moved on from Julia Fox. We can’t say the same for our writer

Yat’s a Wrap Move over, NFTs—Yats, or personalized emoji sequences, are the next big thing in digital assets, and it’s surprisingly easy to buy in

Allow Me to Intro Myself Craving some quality expert advice? A savvy new start-up promises better living through videoconference

#MeToo, Russian-Style Meet the Russian women’s-rights activist exposing predatory oligarchs—all while staying loyal to Vladimir Putin and the late Jeffrey Epstein

Skating Away Bill de Blasio said he’d kick the Trump Org out of Wollman Rink. So why did Trump’s pals get the contract?

“Not a Complete Clown” The parties, Wallpapergate, the police investigation, the apology to the Queen—Boris Johnson tries to hold it all together

Bezos in Love Is Lauren Sanchez a modern-day Marion Davies?

The Rules Still Apply In the 40 years since The Official Sloane Ranger Handbook encapsulated the British upper class, has anything really changed?

Talking Eurotrash The hard-partying moneyed set, with New York roots dating back to Studio 54, traded the city for their old jet-set life in the spring of 2020. Will they come back?

The Way We Wordle How to win at the Internet’s latest obsession—now a part of The New York Times

Seeing Green The Cousteau family gets into the cannabis business

Bad Words No worries! I am literally about to circle back to that … Some words are better left unsaid

Baby Face As the beauty industry strives for a younger and younger look, the only place left to go is … skin as soft and supple as a baby’s (literally)

Libertines of London These days, hedonism is even more infectious than Omicron

John Bird’s Big Issue John Bird, who grew up homeless and made it into the House of Lords the unfashionable way, on running the London street newspaper The Big Issue

No #Girlbosses Allowed Inside the Garrick, Boris Johnson’s favorite 190-year-old club at the heart of a sexism row

Where Oprah Turns for Gifts For the hard-to-buy-for—and the 1-percenters—Michael Beneville has solutions

Giving Well Is the Best Revenge Jeff Bezos’s ex-wife, MacKenzie, continues to donate her $60 billion to worthy causes—all while staying on planet Earth

Sons of Anarchy How an F.B.I. informant stopped the gun-crazed, conspiracy-theorizing group behind the plot to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer

The Very Online and the Restless Meet the “Fantasy Boyfriends” of TikTok—and the young fans who worship them

Words to Live By A British linguist wants to bring back the better halves of the English language