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Sex, Lies, and Instagram

Yes, she dropped her given name faster than a matador swings his muleta. Yes, she’s called herself Spanish despite … not being Spanish. But deep down, Hilaria Baldwin is just like us

Javanka in Exile

Will Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner ever regain a place in high society, or are they simply too toxic?

President Spamalot

Trump fails to make e-mail great again

James Hirschfeld

He started Paperless Post as an undergrad at Harvard. Ahead of the company’s busiest time of year, the founder explains how he got here

Last Call for the Essex Girl

Oxford University Press silences a stereotype

No Secret Handshake Required

The Freemasons go public (and put a price tag on it)

Crystal Clearing

London private-equity bigwigs are enlisting crystal healers to tell their wives they want a divorce—and paying them hefty sums to do it

Battle of the Sexists

Arguments over free speech dominate at Eton and Cambridge

Breathing Fire

Millennials are taking the coronavirus particularly badly. Is their discontent rooted in something deeper than not being able to party?

Little Feat

In this New York City miniaturist’s workshop, it’s the pictures that got small—the classic-movie props, that is

Forget 5G. 6G Will Blow Your Mind

Because the 6 might as well stand for “sixth sense”

Three-Ways, U.K.-Style

It’s Netflix/Palace vs. No. 10 for this week’s biggest ratings

What Lies Beneath …

A town house collapses in Chelsea as the underground lairs of some of London’s wealthiest residents may be cracking under the pressure

Instagram’s Brave New World

Influencers who are computer-generated and who, like their followers, never sleep

I, Coronavirus

Trump’s real running mate takes a stand

The King and They

Blinged-out Maha Vajiralongkorn of Thailand is losing his God-like status as protesters march in the streets

The Secret Histories

Collectors and voyeurs vie for other people’s diaries

Off the Rails

The famed Ian Allan Book & Model Shop in London, a favorite of railway enthusiasts, is the U.K.’s latest coronavirus casualty


A former Trump-appointed judge (of the Miss USA pageant) has some advice for Amy Coney Barrett

Scandale à Paris

The millennial French influencer Léna Mahfouf, whose new book is outselling classics, earns the ire of the Parisian intelligentsia

Africa Rising

Harvard? Yale? Princeton? A nonprofit program is recruiting Kenya’s top high-school students and connecting them with America’s most competitive universities

Kind Hearts and a Baronet?

What happens when an eccentric 74-year-old British aristocrat looks for someone to pay him $23,000 to live with him?

No Spring Chickens

Women—most of them single and nearing their mid-30s—are rushing to freeze their eggs as the coronavirus makes finding a partner more difficult

Hugging My Pillow

A day in the Notting Hill life of the great British actor