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Mark Bowden

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News from the Front

A Present-Day 1984

Shades of Blue

Shots are fired outside an unsavory Tennessee bar, killing the proprietor—an off-duty cop. When the case goes cold, the cop’s grieving family takes matters into their own hands

Shades of Blue:
Part II

A P.I. gets a call from a woman who saw him on TV. The job: Find her son’s killer. The police investigation fell apart eight years earlier. He takes the case …

One Crept over the Falcon’s Nest

Triumph of the Willing

On the 75th anniversary of Hitler’s defeat, what can William Shirer’s epic history, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, teach us about today?

In Cold Blood: A Why-Dunnit

A closer reading reveals a theory about Truman Capote’s attraction to the story—and the killers