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Judith Newman

8 results

Where’s the Beef?

Veganistas declare war on the faux-meat movement

One Hand Washes the Other

To allay your coronavirus-induced angst, put the “social” in social distance

The Skinny on Waistlines

Which dieting app works best: baby-boomers’ favorite, WW, or the millennial-minded Noom?

Goop Sex

Armed with a new Netflix series and an arsenal of vibrators, Gwyneth Paltrow invades the bedroom

Allow Me to Intro Myself

Craving some quality expert advice? A savvy new start-up promises better living through videoconference

The View from Here

Work, drink, or fornicate? Everything you’ve always wanted to know about writers’ retreats but were afraid to ask

Naughty by Nurture

Can a two-hour MasterClass really reveal the secrets to the universe? Our fearless writer gets schooled

That’s Hot?

New laser treatments aimed at the nether regions make all sorts of promises. But not all patients achieve a happy ending