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Johanna Berkman

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“Why Can’t You Write Normal?”

Kathy Acker’s journey from daughter of Sutton Place to genre- and gender-bending cult novelist

Private Quarters

Brant Lake Camp was warned about pedophiles in their midst. Why did the camp not act against them?

Under the Influence

Jumi Bello was on track to be a major writer—until her debut novel was dropped amid rumors of plagiarism. What happened is a tale as complex as anything she appropriated

Skating Away

Bill de Blasio said he’d kick the Trump Org out of Wollman Rink. So why did Trump’s pals get the contract?

A Summer-Camp Horror Story

Why has a man accused of sexual harassment been rehired at a summer camp for the kids of elite New Yorkers?

Speak, Memory

The Manhattan district attorney has indicted Trump’s ever loyal C.F.O., Allen Weisselberg, in the hope that he will turn on the boss to save his own skin

The Wizard of Woke

Why is Pollyanna, the anti-racism organization advising New York’s toniest private schools, so controversial?

In the Red?

Will Donald Trump’s longtime moneyman flip on the ex-prez? An ugly divorce gives prosecutors power

On Thin Ice

Is an ugly divorce the key to putting Donald Trump in prison?

Boy’s Family Sues Elite Camp

Brant Lake faces three civil lawsuits over sex abuse

Lights Out, Part III

One Brant Lake counselor, an alleged child molester, faces trial—and another, who had worked at the camp decades earlier, is accused

Lights Out, Part II

The case against a Brant Lake Camp counselor, an alleged child molester, gets stronger—and a warning goes unheeded

Lights Out, Part I

The picturesque Brant Lake boys’ camp, in the Adirondacks, seemed the perfect idyll—until a longtime counselor was accused of child molestation