Air Mail is seeking a Senior Rails Developer to help build our platform, website, and growing product offerings for our digital weekly magazine. Air Mail was launched in 2019 as a lively digital weekly publication where we feature news articles, cultural reviews, style and satire pieces, and more on our site and in our flagship Saturday morning newsletter. Air Mail is international in scope and sensibility, and covers politics, art, society, and culture with humor as well as insight.

On the surface, Air Mail is a website supported by our paid subscribers and a weekly advertising brand partner. Behind the curtain is a complex and robust publishing platform we designed to fit our specific needs.

The platform includes a workflow process to allow our remote team of over 50 internal staff members to manage content, approvals, photography, captions, and layout of our weekly Saturday issues. We send our email newsletter on Saturdays, and a few other times throughout the week to highlight our culture, books, and kid-friendly articles.

Our platform also includes our own custom and privacy-focused advertising server for displaying and reporting on display advertising from our weekly partners. We have a searchable database of online and in-person cultural events that we call the Arts Intel Report. More recently, we’ve added an affiliate shop to our site to include weekly collections of curated products for our readers.

This role will report to our Chief Technology Officer and will cover every aspect of Air Mail’s technology platform. The specific needs will evolve over time but in general this role will:

  • Work with our editorial team to implement new feature ideas on our website
  • Integrate our platform with new third-party providers to grow our online storefront
  • Collaborate with our design team to conceptualize and bring new visions to life
  • Develop our internal data reporting and analytics platforms
  • Ensure smooth delivery and upkeep of our email newsletter systems
  • Advocate for a modern and privacy-aware web presence
  • Be responsible for ongoing technical maintenance and debt
  • Help to support our growing subscriber base with second-tier support
  • Introduce new ideas, patterns, and concepts into our development team and stack
  • and much more …


The ideal Air Mail senior developer will be able to build high-quality and test-driven Rails applications at any point in the stack. Well-qualified candidates will have an excellent working knowledge of design patterns, debugging, performance optimization, and refactoring techniques.

Rails experience is a must, since it is our core technology, but general familiarity with our entire tech stack is preferred. Ideal candidates will have developed complex Rails applications at scale: we serve millions of page views per month and have a high bar for quality. Experience in publishing or media would be an excellent qualification, but not a strict requirement.

Our Tech

Our stack follows many of the common conventions of the Rails community. Our core platform technology is based on:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Sidekiq background workers
  • Stimulus JS, Webpack, and modern vanilla JavaScript
  • Postgres and Redis data stores
  • Memcached and Redis for caching needs

We host our applications primarily with Heroku. We also use AWS Cloudfront and S3 extensively for content delivery and asset storage. Our platform also integrates with a few key third-party integrations: Stripe for subscription billing, and SendGrid for delivery of our transactional and newsletter emails.

Our Work Style

The Air Mail tech team is entirely remote and collaborates exclusively online through Github, Trello, Slack, and occasional video calls. We operate on a maker’s schedule with a weekly review meeting then asynchronous discussions and ad-hoc meetups as needed throughout the rest of the week. We believe in having large blocks of unstructured time to think and do the work of maintaining and building our platform and website.

To apply, send us a note at
with your résumé / CV, Github profile, and anything else you'd like to share.