Air Mail is seeking a Front-end Developer to help create, launch, and maintain our online storefront. Air Mail was launched in 2019 as a lively digital weekly publication where we feature news articles, cultural reviews, style and satire pieces, and more on our site and in our flagship Saturday morning newsletter. Air Mail is international in scope and sensibility, and covers politics, art, society, and culture with humor as well as insight.

In addition to our editorial offerings, Air Mail recently created an affiliate shop vertical on our website. The shop is a highly curated list of products grouped within weekly collections edited by our team. We’d like to expand our commerce offering to include a full Shopify-based storefront to allow our readers to directly purchase products and have a complete e-commerce offering. This role will primarily be responsible for creating this storefront and bringing our design ideas to life.

This role will report to our Chief Technology Officer and role will cover every aspect of Air Mail’s storefront and technology platforms. The specific needs will evolve over time but in general this role will:

  • Work with our design team to create our storefront experience
  • Create our Shopify online store and implement brand and theming customization
  • Collaborate with our platform tech team to integrate Shopify into our existing systems
  • Coordinate and advise our shop editors on commerce recommendations
  • and much more …


The ideal Air Mail front-end commerce developer will be able to completely create our new storefront experience and integrate it with our existing platforms. Experience with Shopify is a strict requirement, including store setup, theming, and optimizations.

It is desirable, but not required, to have experience working with Ruby on Rails applications. This is our core technology for our platform and website, which this role would need to integrate with.

Our Work Style

Our technology team is entirely remote and collaborates exclusively online through Github, Trello, Slack, and occasional video calls. We operate on a maker’s schedule with a weekly review meeting then asynchronous discussions and ad-hoc meetups as needed throughout the rest of the week. We believe in having large blocks of unstructured time to think and do the work of maintaining and building our platform and website.

To apply, send us a note at
with your résumé / CV, Github profile, and anything else you'd like to share.