“Imagine if every airport would blast Brian Eno,” Parker Posey once said. “I bet going through security wouldn’t be as difficult. I can’t imagine someone being aggressive with me with Brian Eno music pumping through the terminals at LAX.” Flipping through Come Fly with Me, a volume of airport photos curated by Jodi Peckman and publishing later this month, you get the feeling its subjects were listening to something equally groovy. Dressed to the nines, stars from Joan Collins to Muhammad Ali to Jane Birkin shimmy off the page with radiant smiles and sleek suits. “Whether the subjects are strutting through the terminal as if in a runway show or consciously masking themselves from the paparazzi,” writes Peckman in the prologue, all are united—Marilyn Monroe and Dolly Parton, Diana Ross and Brigitte Bardot—by a “stylish, whimsical quality.” As Diana Vreeland said, “A good photographer was never what I was looking for. I like to have a point. This is what I’ve always found so fascinating about paparazzi pictures. They catch something unintended, on the wing.” Here’s to flying, fashion, and catching that something. —Julia Vitale