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June 13 2020
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Hiding in plain sight. Did a mysterious illness in 1999 have an effect on Weinstein’s criminal behavior?

They say all families have their secrets. But showbiz families? Their secrets are at a whole other level.

For years, the name Miramax was one of the most revered brands in Hollywood, signifying class and intelligence in the stories it championed. Founded by Harvey and Bob Weinstein, brothers from Queens, New York, the name was an amalgam of Miriam and Max, the mother and father who loomed over their sons in life, and in death. It was his mother’s death, after all, that Harvey used as a pretext in November 2016 to lure aspiring actress Jessica Mann to his hotel. Harvey, she claimed earlier this year in court, told her “he needed to be consoled for his grief.” When she arrived, Harvey proceeded to masturbate in front of her and put his penis into her mouth.

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