You may know Emily Ratajkowski from one of her thousands of bikini shots on Instagram. Or perhaps you remember her from her roles in the controversial music video “Blurred Lines,” or the movie Gone Girl. Or maybe you’ve heard about her new line of skimpy swimwear and barely there “suiting” called Inamorata, which recently landed her on the Forbes “30 Under 30” list. On top of all this, the 28-year-old model-influencer is the second coming of Gloria Steinem, blazing a path toward women’s equality for her 25 million Instagram followers—or so she, and much of the media, is willing us to believe.

Consider the “powerful statement”—according to the Daily Mail—that she issued last month to Harvey Weinstein: the words “fuck harvey” scrawled on her upper inner arm, which she flashed while running her hand through her hair for the cameras at a movie premiere. What this denunciation of the obviously indefensible accomplished for Weinstein’s 90 victims (whom she’s not among) is unclear. But the stunt prompted reams of headlines for Ratajkowski, all praising her courage for “standing strong” and “speaking her mind.”