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Fresh Hair

Cutting-edge hairstylist Guido Palau comes down to earth with a line of hair products for the normal, the practical, and even the clumsy. And they smell great, too

All in a Lather

The 1970s gave us Herbal Essences, Flex, and Lemon Up shampoo. But 50 years later, we can’t stop thinking about the one scented with musk and bubble gum

What About Bob?

Who would’ve guessed that the snoozy, stodgy bob would become the favorite cool-girl cut? It just took some tweaks, a little mess, and a loose attitude

The Head Master

He has brushed and curled every top model, but it was Sam McKnight’s collaboration with Princess Diana that captured all the attention

Zoé Gillette’s Sketchbook

What a Racket!

Don’t keep your eye entirely on the ball—the players at the U.S. Open have spectacular hair, thanks to a top-secret salon

Can You Hack It?

Bangs are back, but top stylists are wary. Chris McMillan gets to the root of the problem

Who Wears the Crown?

There’s something empowering and regal about my hair. Here’s how I created it

That Time I Grew Out My Buzz Cut

Bless This Mess

These days, the hottest hairstyles look like they were executed after too many martinis

Boy, George!

The talented Mr. Northwood has long been responsible for the hottest heads around. Then Meghan Markle came calling, along with the rest of the world

The Best Heads in the World

For the past 50 years, the world’s top models have relied on Garren to create their follicular identity. No wonder he doesn’t need a last name