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Hamptons or Bust

After finding success in the West Village, restaurateurs Daniel and Evan Bennett are betting big on the East End

A Splash of Color

Wine experts sneered when Sacha Lichine launched his expensive French rosé. Now he sells more than a million cases a year and is beloved by the likes of Victoria Beckham, Malia Obama, and Adele

Camari Mick

The New York chef brings her expertise from years spent at Le Bernardin and Eleven Madison Park to Raf’s, an all-day café where pastry is king

The Pastry Palaces of Paris

It seems like every grand hotel in the French capital is opening its own pâtisserie—dispensing un petit luxe to the masses

Food Fight!

The restaurants on Long Island’s North Fork are so good, they’re taking a bite out of the Hamptons

Stir Crazy

Bust out the apron, because these addictive new cookbooks make even the dirty work a pleasure

In the Pink

It’s harvested by candlelight, flown across oceans, and sought by the world’s greatest chefs. Can we really mean rhubarb?

Half-Pint Upstart

There are micro-breweries, there are nano-breweries, and then there is Macintosh Ales

Just like Home, only Better

Is Chez Nous, in Charleston, the best small restaurant in America?

The Sweet Spot

Birley Bakery is bringing the goodies once reserved for members of 5 Hertford Street and Oswald’s to Londoners at large

Get in Line!

Food-lovers have spent seven years waiting for Los Angeles hot spot Gjelina to open in New York. It was worth the wait

The Name on Everyone’s Lips

Is the stylish young chef Jérôme Schilling the next Alain Ducasse, or something else entirely?

Terroir Incognita

How a plucky couple from Chicago put England on the wine-making map

Uncorking Greatness at 3,000 Feet

A journey into Mendoza, Argentina’s treasure chest of undiscovered vineyards and the home of its most storied producer, Catena Zapata

Dining at the Clink

One of London’s best restaurants is extremely rough around the edges

Semifreddo alla Gianduia

Impress your dinner-party guests this holiday season with Via Carota’s chocolate-hazelnut semifreddo

Prunier’s Triumphant Return

Thanks to an overhaul by chef Yannick Alléno, one of the most storied caviar temples in Paris shines once again

Torta all’Olio

Make the perfect olive-oil cake with this recipe from Via Carota’s new cookbook

A Grape Escape

Designer Brunello Cucinelli is entering the world of wine-making, to delicious effect

Ready, Set, Bake!

Mouthwatering desserts and beautiful breads are made with ease, thanks to these new cookbooks

Eat Your Heart Out

Since opening their restaurant, in 1999, the couple behind Il Posto Accanto, on East Second Street, has served up linguine and community in equal measure

The Nine Lives of Corner Bistro

From a gay bar to a butcher shop with a speakeasy in back, the raucous history behind the much-loved West Village burger hangout

You Belong in the Kitchen!

Fall’s best new cookbooks make food prep a pleasure—and they also make excellent gifts

Shyan Zakeri

The Los Angeles native is bringing his favorite childhood burgers—greasy, thin patties—to New York City with his pop-up concept, Shy’s Burgers