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Paris, When It Sizzles

The director of La La Land and Whiplash returns with his newest project: a love song to music, set in a French jazz club

The #uck of the Irish

The sex-soaked mini-series Normal People gets people horny for Ireland

How to Build a Movie Star

Beanie Feldstein is irresistible as a high-schooler who leaps onto the masthead of a high-profile music magazine

Is Unorthodox Inauthentic?

A dissenting take on the popular Netflix mini-series, one among a growing genre of escape-from-Judaism stories


Even during the lockdown, Hollywood remains a town where you need to look behind the scenes

Martini, Anyone?

Christine Baranski on The Good Fight, her bathrobe-clad Sondheim tribute, and spending lockdown in a house full of children

The Light Side of the Moon

Space Force is a bit like The Office but in outer space. Best of all? Steve Carell returns to comedy

Final Cut

Parisian cinephiles are in an uproar over the actions of an American real-estate investor

Haifaa Al Mansour

The Saudi filmmaker gives audiences a picture of life in her secretive, ultra-conservative home country

Before Cable Was Cool

A new book tells the story of CNN, Ted Turner, and the birth of the 24-hour news cycle

“That’s What She Said!” (And He, Too)

A brief, writers’-room oral history of The Office

Shades of Black

The first major African-American filmmaker still has a lot to tell us

2020: A Movie Odyssey

What can American audiences learn from Asian cinemas during this pandemic?

Dawn Porter

The filmmaker known for exposing racial injustice has a new documentary on John Lewis

Elena Ferrante Does Not Take a Summer Holiday

Filming part three of the brilliant friendship between Lila and Elena gets underway in a few months

His First Sunshine

The Sun, the Moon, and the Star

Eve Hewson takes on her biggest role, in the adaptation of the Man Booker Prize–winning novel The Luminaries

Behind The Painted Bird

The contentious Holocaust author Jerzy Kosiński turned down every offer for a film adaptation. A Czech filmmaker finally takes on the story

Frenemies, Cold War–Style

Dominic West and Damian Lewis take on one of the greatest spy scandals ever

A Dickens Masterpiece for These Times

David Copperfield is no dusty relic but something sparkling—and very modern

Daring Duo

A writer on Succession teams up with the star of Secret Diary of a Call Girl in a new series, I Hate Suzie

A Different Sputnik

Oksana Akinshina stands out as the hardened heroine of a Russian version of Alien

U.S./U.K. Football: Same Word, Different Sport

Jason Sudeikis plays a U.S. coach who takes over a Premier League team

So, What Explains Cats?

The secret to creating a hit musical lies in an ancient Greek number