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Vivienne Acheampong

With The Sandman, a Netflix adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s comic book, the actress has entered the DC universe

Child’s Play

For the past 25 years, South Park has been an equal-opportunity offender. One writer can’t get enough

Fifty Shades of Britain

In England, Channel 4 has brought the dating show to uncharted territory by featuring naked contestants

Smells Like Team Spirit

From Hollywood to Wales—a charming new documentary follows actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney on their quest to revive Britain’s unluckiest football club

Owen Kline

The actor’s directorial debut, a film about a young cartoonist finding his way, reflects his own childhood spent studying comic books and haunting video stores

Weird Science

Are the people in Nathan Fielder’s The Rehearsal knowing participants—or guinea pigs in a mad behavioral experiment?