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Madina Visconti

Italian film courses through the work of this young Milanese jewelry designer, whose storefront has just reopened

Call of the Wild

For Tom Kundig, architecture is about blurring the lines between design and its surroundings

Freddie Garland

The young British florist delivering fresh, dazzling arrangements to all of the U.K.

Have You Seen the News?

In London, a treasured newsagent gets a fresh look—but doesn’t lose the familiar touches

Size Matters

Just when our cities really need them, small cars are disappearing

The Off-Road Ahead

Authenticity doesn’t get more authentic than the venerable Land Rover Defender, now (finally) updated to the point of James Bond–worthiness

An Address Most Magical

Luke Edward Hall

The millennial artist incorporates history and a singular vision into his irresistible designs

It Started with a Chair

Steve McQueen Would Approve

The 2020 Bullitt is aggressive yet somehow subtle, an understated example of automotive overstatement

Trunk Club

Tanner Krolle, the British purveyor of bespoke trunks, is now bringing its ultra-luxury leather goods to a (slightly) wider audience

Art on Four Wheels

At $70 million, the Ferrari 250 GTO sells for almost as much as a Jeff Koons. But: you can drive it

Charlie Porter

London’s coolest new purveyor of a bit of this, a bit of Tat