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Every Wednesday, we’ll send you our guide to the week’s cultural goings-on, from film, television, and podcasts to art, music, dance, theater, and more.

Our Most Recent Top Stories

Assignment: Sinatra

A legendary editor. A recalcitrant writer. And a subject that was both man and myth. The story behind the writing of what became known as the greatest magazine profile ever

In the Eye of the Storm

Paul McCartney’s Pentax photos from 1964—the year that marked the band’s American tour, and the start of Beatlemania—are collected in a new book

Lovable Geniuses, Preening Taskmasters?

Robbie Robertson, Levon Helm, and the complicated truth about band—and Band—dynamics

We All Make Mystiques

The unforgettable night in New York when Jackie Kennedy watched as opera’s greatest diva sang Tosca and bungled the high C

A Whole New Ball Game

How a father and son created ESPN, sports programming’s North Star, on a wing, a prayer, and a chunk of Getty cash—and walked out with almost nothing

Sight Unseen

Alice Mason was a celebrated hostess and New York’s real-estate agent to the elite, but while she was showing lavish apartments to clients like Marilyn Monroe, she was hiding a family secret

Factory by the Sea

In the summer of 1972, Andy Warhol bought a house in the historic fishing village of Montauk. The town was never the same again

The Downtown Set

A list of the 50 young New Yorkers who are remaking Lower Manhattan in their own image