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Bach of Ages

An interview with Chinese pianist Lang Lang, who is releasing two new recordings of Bach’s formidable Goldberg Variations

The Naked City

With America’s newsrooms closed—some maybe for good—a veteran of the Daily News recalls the paper’s action-packed and alcohol-soaked heyday

Next Gen

Ahead of a classical-music festival in Florence’s Boboli Gardens, an interview with its young founder, who aims to promote the genre to a new generation

From the Mariinsky, with Love

Ready for Their Close-Up

Duncan Hannah’s “love portraits” of European movie stars

Reappearing Inque

An interview with the founder of a Kickstarter-funded literary magazine that’s defying the rules of digital media

Going, Going, Gonzo

Ahead of the late writer’s centenary, celebrating Charles Bukowski’s work and mourning his world

An Introvert’s World

On the Road

The Movie Star’s Movie Star

A new podcast evokes the advent of the Valley’s adult-film stars and the awe they earned from their Hollywood equivalents

Hidden Tunes

“Whatever story I’m telling, I tell it through music.” An interview with Bruce Adolphe, the mind behind the wildly popular Piano Puzzlers

Southern Gothic

New exhibitions at London’s Alison Jacques Gallery spotlight Black photographer Gordon Parks’s work chronicling the American South and more

Open-Air Revival

The Going Is Good

At 61, Kathy Valentine, the subject of a new documentary on the Go-Go’s, shows no sign of slowing down

007 Lives at No. 25

James Bond sleuths believe they have pinpointed his home in London—and discovered George Smiley was a neighbor

Winds of Change

New exhibitions celebrate the outsize life and work of photographer Gordon Parks as well as the artist Khadija Saye, killed in the Grenfell Tower fire at 24

Liquid Assets

Catch Him on TikTok

The coronavirus has returned the late Bob Ross, who hosted the wildly popular TV series The Joy of Painting, to the spotlight


Sic Trans Gloria

Cancel culture moves into London and tries to rub out the Booker Prize, J. K. Rowling, and her defenders

All the World’s a Stage

Met favorites get star treatment in the New York opera house’s new series

Paparazzi Fever

All the Write Moves

Transparency, brevity, color: simple steps for writing well

Photo by Bachrach

A Who’s Who of the 20th century wanted their portrait taken at one family-run studio