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Last Days of Disco

It’s a Wrap

Party Like It’s the 1920s

Opera for Shut-Ins

From the Metropolitan Opera in New York to the Vienna State Opera, streaming without borders

Object Lesson

Donald Judd said one thing, his critics another. Now his art finally gets to speak for itself

Field Kallop

Math, science, and the mysteries of the cosmos all feature into the mesmerizing work of this emerging New York artist

In the Pink City

The author unveils her book, The Cartiers, at the Jaipur Literature Festival, where a century before, her great-grandfather had regularly traveled to meet clients

Fear’s Labyrinth

Fear and courage go hand in hand. America’s genius of modern dance, Martha Graham, understood and embodied both.

Escape Mode

Roxana Halls

How should women act? The British artist’s subversive feminist works are gleefully unapologetic

There in Spirit

London’s Chris Beetles Gallery launches “Spirit of England,” a weekly series of online exhibitions for browsing and buying

Superhero Worship

The Leonardo Whisperer

Four decades spent studying Italian Renaissance art taught Carmen Bambach as much about navigating a field still dominated by men as it did about Leonardo da Vinci

The Woman in the Window

The American photographer Ruth Orkin did her best work without ever leaving the house

A Cake and a Waltz

The Signal and the Noise

The author of a new book on concentration finds her own focus shattered under quarantine

Armchair Opera

He Loves That You Love
“Love to Love You Baby”

As Giorgio Moroder turns 80, the Italian who produced some of the sexiest, most suggestive dance music in history finds he is hotter (and more in demand) than ever

All About Andy

Spring Sans Ballet

Sondheim at 90

Beauty and the Ballet

How did The Red Shoes, a movie about classical dance, make almost every list of the greatest movies ever made?

What a Wonderful World (Wide Web)

A new digital exhibition takes you inside Louis Armstrong’s living room

Darkness Falls

Broadway’s shutdown happened as quickly as the last curtain fell. Now, a lot must change for the show to go on