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Lights Out, Part II

The case against a Brant Lake Camp counselor, an alleged child molester, gets stronger—and a warning goes unheeded

Lights Out, Part III

One Brant Lake counselor, an alleged child molester, faces trial—and another, who had worked at the camp decades earlier, is accused

Cummings and Goings

Boris Johnson’s top Brexit attack dog, Dominic Cummings, tries to explain why he broke lockdown—while infected—to frolic in the country

Death Becomes Him

Stéphane Bourgoin enjoyed a dazzling career as France’s top expert on serial killers. There was only one little problem …

Diamonds Are a Thief’s Best Friend

A daring and, some would say, inspired $4.5 million jewel heist in the middle of Mayfair

My Crazy

Threats, lies, and armed guards: it’s all too real for the woman once married to a Russian dubbed “Putin’s banker”

The Making of a Predator, Part I

What hidden demons drove Harvey Weinstein’s rise and fall?

The Making of a Predator, Part II

How Bob Weinstein played a primal role in Harvey’s rise and—perhaps—fall

Estate of Affairs

Tax fraud, an absent accountant, and squabbling male models are threatening to undermine Karl Lagerfeld’s legacy

The African Conspiracy

Did white Europeans, led by a shadowy “Mr. X,” kill the U.N. secretary-general 60 years ago—to keep power over black Africans?

The Making of a Predator, Part III

Just why did Georgina Chapman marry Harvey? And what did she get out of it?

The Art of the Steal

Jet-setting art dealer Inigo Philbrick is facing 20 years in jail after the F.B.I. bound his hands with zip ties and arrested him on a South Pacific island

The Making of a Madam

Growing up, Ghislaine Maxwell was envied, admired, and teased, but what made her conspire with Jeffrey Epstein for decades?

There’s the Rub

A massage therapist on Epstein’s Little St. James Island says Ghislaine Maxwell was the ultimate anti-victim

Off with Their Perks

How “Penelopegate” sentenced a leading French pol to prison and shook the country’s ruling elite

Barbarians at the School Gate

Part II: Illicit affairs? Kids out of wedlock? Will smear-mongering parents trash one of New York’s most elite schools?

The Passenger

Why Jeffrey Epstein cultivated a friendship with Bill Clinton is obvious. What the ex-president got out of it is harder to explain

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

A $60 million wedding, and then a big family dustup


This libel trial continues to expose celebrity behavior more depraved than anything the tabloids could invent

Race to the Bottom

As the heirs of the late Marchioness of Moratalla squabble over her estate, her prize-winning jumpers go hungry

Business and Pleasure

A member of Ghislaine Maxwell’s social circle digs into her traumatic childhood and complicated relationship with Jeffrey Epstein

Depp Charge!

In a post-coronavirus world, should there be room for an oafish, drug-raddled booze hound?

The Reign in Spain Goes Mainly Down the Drain

Sub Human

A horrific end awaits a promising young journalist when she goes to meet an eccentric inventor in the dark waters off the coast of Copenhagen