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Murder in Fairfield County

May 24, 2019: Jennifer Dulos suddenly goes missing. The children are taken to Manhattan. And Fotis Dulos is a very busy man

Murder in Fairfield County

The police reconstruct the day of Jennifer Dulos’s disappearance—and deconstruct the suspect’s alibis. About those garbage bags …

Murder in Fairfield County

Dreams to nightmares: Jennifer Farber’s younger days in the city, and her story’s tragic dénouement

Sheikhing with Fear

The billionaire ruler of Dubai consorts with V.I.P.’s but persecutes and imprisons his wives and daughters

Barclay v. Barclay

In which the scions of a secretive British billionaire are accused of conspiring against his identical twin brother

Before #MeToo, There Was Natalie Wood

Pimped by her mother to Frank Sinatra at 15, raped at 16: harrowing new insights into the star’s life and death

Varsity Blues

Inside the annus horribilis of Christ Church—Oxford’s grandest (and most scandalous) college

Davos Satyricon

A new investigation reveals that the high-powered World Economic Forum is a sexist toga party in the Swiss Alps