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“For some reason, people drink a lot less since I brought my twin brother into the business.”
“Oh criminy, now we have to make an effort.”
“You know how it is. Now every time I get a little cough, I think it’s the black plague.”
“Find help!”
“Oh yeah? Well, I quit my job before it was cool.”
“Mooom! Billy is founding a multi-national tech company!”
“And best of all, it’s meat-free.”
“It’s technically a milkshake, but if I call it a ‘smoothie,’ I can have it for breakfast.”
“I’m afraid your test results came back with a frowny face and a rain cloud.”
“We’re just on a vacation. You don’t have to add ‘of the dead.’”
“You’ve got to stop rapturing me back here every time you have a tech question, Dad.”
“What did you think we do after the holidays?”
“Oh, Great One! We offer you this sacrificial lamb and your choice of any two side dishes.”
“Bill … you’re home early … ”
“If you work hard, exploit your employees, take advantage of a pandemic, use loopholes to avoid taxes, and hoard your wealth, you can someday, in an act of extreme self-indulgent, meaningless vanity, be an astronaut.”
“Clown pirates!! Whatever you do, don’t underestimate their numbers!!”