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“Are you sure you wouldn’t rather just get the vaccine?”
“I’m really into this series. I am just not into you making a very poor attempt at copying their British accent every waking minute until we finish it.”
“Look at him, strutting around as though the last four years never happened.”
“Can I put you on hold? My country is on fire.”
“I picked the wrong year to start journaling.”
“I know you’re trying to kill me, but this is actually quite fun!”
“I have no trouble falling asleep, and I have no trouble waking up. I just need to switch when they happen.”
“You forgot this.”
“Isn’t this nice?”
“I need to stop dating ex-cons.”
“You pull one thorn out of a lion’s paw and suddenly he won’t stop calling you.”
“If you’re that cold, put on another sweater vest.”
“I told you this would be better than a bird feeder. Heh. I’ll go brew some coffee.”
“Politics has divided everything.”