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“I’m back from the dead—I sure hope my old-timey views on race and gender are unchanged and still acceptable!”
“You’ve reached the end of your trial. Would you like to upgrade to the full Lionel?”
“We’ll settle this the old-fashioned way—with a dance-off.”
“One of the hardest things to understand when you’re in a different culture is their sense of humor.”
The tiny-houseboat movement.
“We’re not robbing any banks, Roger, until you pull that mask up over your nose.”
“Pass the remote. Not that one, the other one. No, the big one. The one next to the little one. The little black one. No, the other one. Go left, too far, back one. You’re getting hotter. Hotter, hotter … ”
“I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do for you unless you act entitled and make a scene.”
“Keep it open.”
The simple life—and lots of it!
“You don’t get a lot of work done, Jenkins, but I admire how thoroughly unstressed you are.”
“I’m just a girl, standing behind a guy, watching him load the dishwasher incorrectly.”
“Mom, the kids at school threatened to damage my brand.”
“Now, would you consider yourself more of a girlboss, a She-E-O, or a mompreneur?”
“Last week, actually—thanks for noticing.”
“Remember to keep your weight back and your eye on the kneecap.”
“You participated the hell out of that tournament.”
“Trust me, you won’t miss the air when you see this closet space.”
“Ah, the innocence of youth. Enjoy it while it lasts.”