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“I identify as wolf.”
“Mom, Dad—college changed me.”
“I was really hoping we wouldn’t have to get insurance involved.”
“Their entire planet is coated in things called doodads, tchotchkes, trinkets, knickknacks, bric-a-brac, and clutter.”
“And this is where we began labeling our products ‘plant-based.’”
“Unfortunately, our pilot said insensitive things on a podcast 10 years ago.”
” … and then Iceberg goes, ‘You know, a lot of people really like just a lettuce-and-tomato sandwich!’ I literally spit out my drink!”
“Then she made me dance and posted it on TikTok.”
“He’s been to the city exactly once.”
“I’m a dentist in the streets and a dentist in the sheets. Don’t ever ask me to be something I’m not, Debby.”
“Rumble … rumble … the strange noise was getting louder … ”
“He says it’s ‘a Dorian Gray situation.’”
“We need to find another school for Jessie. One of her classes is called ‘So-Called Science.’”