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One Part Instinct, Two Parts Grit

Sharon Stone discusses sexism in Hollywood, the plastic surgery she didn’t agree to, and a near fistfight with Basic Instinct co-star Michael Douglas

Do You Believe in Magic?

A new book argues that some of the most astonishing findings in social science are little more than smoke and mirrors

American Onanist

King of the Booksellers

Dial M for Mail

If Alfred Hitchcock contained multitudes, his films contained infinitudes in the eyes of his viewers, who wrote him too many letters to count

Dogs—They’re Just Like Us!

Before quarantine puppies, there were Magnum dogs, photogenic canines immortalized alongside their owners by Philippe Halsman, Inge Morath, and others

Collecting Intelligence

The author and friend of John le Carré’s, whose radio tribute to the espionage writer is out now, traces the arc of le Carré through his most memorable books

Splendor in the Grass

The story of how Central Park and its beating heart, the bucolic Sheep Meadow, came to be

Revisionist History

Churchill gets a bad rap for the 1943 Tehran conference, where Roosevelt and Stalin won out. Looking back, the Old Lion might have been right all along

Notes from Underground

Harriet Tubman left behind no written history of her life, but her stories—of the Underground Railroad and the allies she made along the way—live on

Bon Voyage!

A new book collects the best of airport style, from an impossibly bouncy-haired Dolly Parton to Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin

Playing with Fyre

The bizarre, ongoing story of Billy McFarland, the mastermind behind the music-festival fiasco who started a podcast behind bars

Sister Act

Get Them Re-write!

Writing the World

Short List

Books to read this week, from a history of crime and punishment in ancient Rome to a novel of clashing cultures and an account of post–W.W. II recovery

The First Lady of the Skies

Between her record as the first woman to cross the Atlantic by air and her disappearance a decade later, Amelia Earhart was the Eleanor Roosevelt of flying, championing women’s careers in aviation

Spoonfuls of Sugar

Heartbreak Hotel

Photographs from a new book pay homage to the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc, the dazzling seafront retreat that has played host to Ernest Hemingway, Jane Birkin, and Mick Jagger, on its 150th anniversary

Culture War

Nancy Reagan’s Cross to Bear

The First Lady dedicated herself to achieving a picture-perfect life. A look at her traumatic—and covered-up—childhood helps explain why

Murder, They Wrote

Malcolm of All Trades

Malcolm Gladwell discusses his new book, Mao Zedong, and why the statues of history’s bad guys should stay up

Little Ironies