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Back to the Future Alvin and Heidi Toffler’s book Future Shock, published a half-century ago, got a lot right about our current times

In Search of Lost Pianos A journey to Siberia reveals the life of a 19th-century Russian princess who, in extreme isolation, found solace in music

Heart of Stone The life of Confederate general Albert Pike, a member of the Freemasons, offers a new look at the secret brotherhood

Kurt Andersen Out with a new “recent history” of America, the writer suggests four books that helped influence his own work

The Right Stuff Reimagining the life of Lucille Ball, a new book evokes the star’s groundbreaking influence and evergreen coolness

August 18, 2020

Marriage Story Stanley Kubrick’s biographer uncovers the driving force behind The Shining and Eyes Wide Shut: a roller-coaster relationship with a beautiful, mercurial dancer

Bleeding Love The author of a new book on American poet E. E. Cummings reveals the wartime love affair that fueled some of his most moving work

August 25, 2020

Ann Goldstein Elena Ferrante has a new novel. Here, its translator recommends her favorite books about Italy