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Sex (Time) Machine

A new history of sex reveals tales of Clarice Clatterbollocks, testicle thefts, and women keeping live fish in their knickers

Forget It, Jake—It’s Hollywood

Claire Tomalin

Recommends four books spanning three centuries

On Topics

The millennial novelist Miranda Popkey has more to say about #MeToo than you can fit in a hashtag

L.A. Confidential

When it comes to Los Angeles in the 60s and 70s, Andee Nathanson was to photography what Eve Babitz was to literature, recording the exploding scene from within. A new book of her photographs illustrates that golden age

Long and Winding Road

Women of the Resistance

Murder, They Wrote

On the Spectrum

Olivia Chantecaille

Start them young: on the best children’s books for budding activists

This Town

A new book of photographs chronicles the evolution of New York City’s downtown over a century, from Radio Row to a post-9/11 World Trade Center

Chasing Rainbows

Face Value

A new book considers the fate of our most human aspects—the mystery of the brain, the expressiveness of the face—in our tech-bent future

Bad Romance

The author of a new book on the Borgias’ infamous personal lives uncovers the facts behind the Italian family’s long-standing myths

Identity Crisis

Some Like It Hot

Max Hastings

On the best work of Sir Michael Howard, the British historian who dealt high intellect and common sense in equal measure

The Mitford Spirit

Leslie Jamison

On the books worth obsessing over

The North Korean Job

The author of the first English-language book on Kim Jong Un explains the dotard-trolling dictator’s mysterious rise

Vive Maigret!

The complete adventures of Georges Simenon’s beloved inspector are now available in one stylish set

Yalta Diaries

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Fiend

Party On