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Ashley Baker

Ashley Baker is the Style Editor for AIR MAIL. She also co-hosts AIR MAIL’s weekly podcast, Morning Meeting, alongside Deputy Editor Michael Hainey. Baker lives in New York.

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The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

Anjelica Huston sculpts her next act

The Hollywood Issue!

Just in time for the Oscars: Anjelica Huston! Charlie Chaplin! Picks and pans!

We’re Crashing at Clooney’s

Where do you want to go, now that Europe is welcoming vaxxed Americans?

Château Clooney

George and Amal snap up a wine-making estate in Provence

Does Bill Gates Have a Camilla Problem?

And will a jilted Melinda plot revenge with the First Wives of Tech Club?

Giuliva Heritage Matchbox


On the Other Side of Italy

Thinking about going to Europe this summer? Here’s a little secret

Have You Heard Our Podcast?

It’s the show that will open your eyes. All you need to do is open your ears

Keith McNally Goes off the Menu

Why are his eyebrow-raising posts shaking up Instagram?

Manni Olive Oil


Carolina Cucinelli

The new co-president and co–creative director discusses her vision for the line her father founded

The Podcast People Are Talking About

Morning Meeting is where the conversation begins. Listen in!

The New Books People Are Obsessing Over

Arts and books editor Julia Vitale joins Ashley and Mike to talk about one of their favorite subjects: What are you reading?

Blisshaus Matches-and-Toothpicks Bottle


Is Paris Churning?

As the city reopens to tourists, we have some delicious stories about it

“Have You Seen the House Whip?” D.C.’s Kinky Side

In a town that loves a sex scandal, so much happens underground. Way underground

Notes on Glamp: Nomadland for the Cool Kids

As the lo-fi getaway becomes maddeningly elusive, urbanites discover a new breed of indoor-outdoor hotel

Weekend Max Mara

The Shorts

Marni Market

The Tote

Conair Handheld Fabric Steamer


This Season’s Model?

The man behind fashion powerhouse Zadig & Voltaire swaps his wife for her twin sister


The Dress


The Popover Top