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Ashley Baker

Ashley Baker is the Style Editor for AIR MAIL. She also co-hosts AIR MAIL’s weekly podcast, Morning Meeting, alongside Deputy Editor Michael Hainey. Baker lives in New York.

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Hudson News!

A stylish new hotel in upstate New York may tempt reclusive Manhattanites to tiptoe out of lockdown

Paradise in Napa

A Faustian bargain that will re-invigorate your soul

Restaurant Roulette

On New York City’s first night of indoor dining in six months, our editors ate at Daniel, now known as Boulud Sur Mer

Maria Bakalova

The 24-year-old whom Rudy Giuliani couldn’t keep his hands off of—and who almost stole the Borat sequel

Your Feet Will Thank You

Stubbs & Wootton creates a limited-edition slipper for AIR MAIL

Huniford At Home

A new book collects the interiors of James Huniford, ranging from Connecticut barns to his own Tribeca loft

Get Dressed!

Leave it to lockdown to generate an especially intriguing couture season

Dr. Spock for the Goopsters

Lockdown meltdown has made “Dr. Becky” the child-raising guru for stressed-out millennial parents

Nicholas Jarecki

The screenwriter and director tackles the opioid crisis with his new thriller, Crisis

On the Rails

With the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express now connecting to more cities in Europe, traveling by train has never looked better

A Passage to India

The Johri, in the “Pink City” of Jaipur, takes luxury to a new level

Other Voices, Other Rooms

World-class interior decorators are now on call to help you refresh your lockdown home

Bless This Mess

Adults and kids alike will appreciate the tips and tricks for Taking the Stress Out of Homework

This Is Bullshot!

Does everyone have the vaccine but me?

Taika Coffee


Non-Tipsy Tipples

At Glossier, Mélanie Masarin helped people look better. Now, with Ghia, a mocktail, she’s helping people drink better

Are You Savvier than a 16-Year-Old?

More than five million fans follow Sissy Sheridan. What does she know that you don’t? Plus: the great Lego caper, and more

Has Hunter Biden Written the Season’s Best Book?

It’s up for debate—as is the best way to drop the lockdown weight, and what exactly makes someone the new It Girl

Brooklyn’s—and America’s?—New It Girl

Kamala Harris’s 21-year-old stepdaughter, Ella Emhoff, has designs on her future


The Dress

Hello Banana

The Vintage Purveyor

FD Gallery

The Jewelry

Browns in Mayfair


Will a Divorce Put Trump in Prison?

Plus: a look at Bumble, the billion-dollar dating app; Bethany McLean on the Sackler family; and more