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Sung Tieu: What is your |x|?

Emalin / London / Art

How do our internal voices influence the material outcome of our decisions? According to Sung Tieu, astrology and psychology have something to do with it. She explores her theories in a bank-vault-like installation, its various pieces cut seamlessly from sheets of stainless steel. At its center, a round steel plate, much like the door of a vault, is silkscreened with Sung’s celestial birth chart. Along the side walls, eight rectangular panels are etched with exploratory texts based on Jung’s eight different character traits. All are the product of studies by the astrologist Zoe Mercury. What other lives could Sung—or you and I—have lived? —E.C.

Emalin Huntingdon Industrial Estate, Unit 4 Bethnal Green Rd, Shoreditch, London E1 6JU, United Kingdom
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