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A Monthly Culture Matrix For the Cosmopolitan Traveler

Saudi Modern

Tamer House / Jeddah / Art

In 1938, the American Standard Oil Company made made a dramatic discovery in Saudi Arabia. Oil. A lot of it. That precious resource has since transformed the country and its economy, paving the way for technological advances and modern cities. Jeddah, its vital port city, has been at the forefront of change. From a small town of mud, stone, and bricks, it quickly became a true metropolis of apartment buildings and modernist architecture. Though the change was positive, many residents of the city bemoaned the rapid urbanization, yearning for their simpler past. In this exhibition, Abdulrahman and Turki Gazzaz, the brothers behind the architecture studio Bricklab, look at 13 buildings that best symbolize the urban development, delving into their construction. Housed in Tamer House, a sprawling 1950s villa, the show inaugurates a new arts center that pays homage to the remarkable city. —E.C.

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