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Ravenna Festival: Dante and the Troubadours

Basilica of San Francesco / Ravenna / Music

Both in the Cantos and in lectures published as The Spirit of Romance, Ezra Pound recorded his fascination with Provençal troubadours and their influence on Dante Alighieri, poet of the Divina Commedia. Performing at the Basilica di San Francesco, Enea Sorini and Peppe Frana revive courtly love songs by the likes of Arnaut Daniel, Bernart de Ventadorn, Raimbaut de Vaqueiras, the coterie in question. The list of accompanying musical instruments—psaltery, oud, guinterna—sounds as evocative as the ancient names. —M.G.

Basilica of San Francesco Piazza S. Francesco, 3, 48121 Ravenna RA
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